I'm Dora Hunor, a challenge-seeker and graphic designer, and this is my online resumé.




Curriculum Vitae

Work experience

04/2012 - 07/2013
Management Consulting Trainee, Weinheim

For almost 1,5 years I was working for Schlegel und Partner GmbH, a management consulting company. as a trainee. I learned a lot about project management and had my first bigger project where I was also responsible for the design of a company handbook.

After a big jump, I started to work as a freelance graphic designer. Among the projects,, I designed logos, e-book covers, a newsletter template, a social media avatar for an online casino, and more. (see my portfolio). When I was working, time was running. Sometimes I forgot (and still do) to eat.

01/2014 - present
Freelance projects, Leimen

05/2014 - present
Graphic Designer, Walldorf

I wanted to try myself in a corporate environment, and I’m lucky to say that I can now work for Five1, an SAP-Partner consulting company. On my first day, I got to design the sides of the new company table football. Since I have started working there, I redesigned the company’s power point template, the template for company brochures, I created illustrations. The ongoing projects at the moment include a wall calendar, a company wallpaper, and the preparation of the images of an exhibit stand.


09/2006 - 07/2013
Social Studies BA,
Social Policy MA, Budapest

I wanted to go to a good university and learn something interesting, or at least, not boring. That’s why I applied to Corvinus University Budapest and did a bachelor and than, a master there. I liked learning about social policy and I wrote my thesis on career change. By the time I got my master’s degree, I had already been planning that career change myself as well, and had already moved to Germany. I finished my last year at the university from here while I was working for Schlegel und Partner in Weinheim.

In parallel with my MA in Social Policy, I did a degree in interpreting and translating (English-Hungarian) to increase my career chances. It resulted to be very useful, I still need to use English a lot when I work, though German is now the first language that I communicate in most of the time.

09/2009 - 02/2011
Interpreter and Translator in Economics and Social Sciences, Budapest

12/2014 - 01/2014
Media Design, Mannheim

After realizing that my desire to create something that I can actually see, proved to be really strong, I changed careers and went to Alfatraining, Mannheim to learn about graphic design. I enjoyed it a lot, and as a result, I don’t hate Mondays anymore, I actually like them.

Software skills

Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat X Pro
Audio: Sibelius, Audacity, Garageband
Video: iMovie, Movie Maker


English: fluent
German: fluent
Hungarian: native


Writing music

About me

I strongly believe that work is not just something that helps us pay our bills, but something that can give meaning to our lives, and makes us enjoy it.

I love creating, whether it’s a new illustration, an older design that needs fresh ideas, or just a few new chords when playing the guitar for my new song. I like the different stages of creating: getting inspiration, following ideas, feeling stuck for hours, but then finding something new and trying it out, getting feedback, and then just enjoying the result. And a few hours later, making alterations again. And again. And again, until everyone is satisfied with the result.

I’ve spent a lot of time to get to know what kind of person I am, and what work I could do that I enjoy but could also help other people with.

About me

Working on the computer is something I like a lot, but I also need to be in contact with others. Graphic design gives me that. I like thinking through processes, organizing, and implementing my ideas. I am empathic and kind with others and also like communicating with people that way as well.

I like working with people who do what they promise on time, because that's what I do, too. Working on my own gives me the feeling of freedom which I love, but there's nothing better than having a successful project that you had worked on with other people together.


If you want to get in touch with me, you can contact me via this form below
or call me on +49 152 53287181

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